Thursday, November 27, 2014

Translucent Treasures: A Guest Post by Rob Snyder.

Welcome to guest blogger Rob Snyder, whose transformative glass work gives us a new perspective on things we might otherwise entirely overlook - the intricacies of the small tree branches that surround us, overhead and underfoot.

Anum Cara detail.
I have spent years gathering the branches near my studio on Vashon Island, Washington in order to create luminous sculptures made of glass branches, cast from real trees.
Each one-of-a-kind casting is made from an actual tree branch, and then the translucent treasures are used to begin the meditative process of stacking the glass branches into form.
It takes over a month to complete a single piece of art.
Bamboo Dance detail.
Unless dramatically disrupted, nature regenerates itself through the life, death, rebirth cycle. Jungian scholar James Hollis speaks of nature in this way:"if we do not see nature as somehow carrying the divinity, we will continue to abuse it.”
Shiva's Earring.
My work, I hope, expresses the light-filled, translucent and impermanent sacredness of all that is natural.
Through the process I am called to look at the natural forms more closely. I see perfection and imperfection, strength, fragility and the call to preserve that which is so precious. 
As an artist I have come to honor these insights.
Autumn Spun detail.

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Rob Snyder, a Northwest native, is an accomplished glass artist living and operating his studio on Vashon Island, Washington. Rob’s unique work from kiln cast glass has been nationally recognized in solo exhibitions, museums, private and corporate collections, group shows, and various publications. Creating art for nearly thirty years, Rob was an early pioneer in the glass fusing movement. Over the years he has made important contributions as an artist, designer and builder of glass equipment, assistant to notable fine artists, glass technician, and teacher. Currently, Rob is working on a large commission for a private collector and on several other pieces to be included in shows around the country. Rob is represented by Freisen Gallery in Sun Valley Idaho, Abmeyer and Wood Gallery in Seattle Washington, Echt Gallery in Chicago Illinois, and Austin Arts Projects in Palm Desert California. In addition, Rob is expanding his gallery representation both nationally and internationally. To meet the growing demands for his art, he is undertaking the creation of Steppingstone, an artist residency program on his property on Vashon Island. Learn more at his website at and his Facebook page